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Fundraising For Wood River Baseball

Donate To WRBA

WRBA is an organization that believes baseball should be a sport that EVERYONE should be able to play. Please consider making a donation to help cover costs such as uniforms, umpires and tournament fees so that we can keep our player fees minimal.  We are also trying to update our facilities and purchase new equipment.  Thank you for your support!

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Cash Calendar Fundraiser!

It's Cash Calendar time!

What is a Cash Calendar? Well, it's a fun fundraiser for Wood River Baseball with 40 days for people to enter for cash prizes! Prizes range from $50, $75, $100 and two opportunities for $300! The first $300 will be on June 10, our opening tournament! 

Each player is to get 20 tickets and sell them for $10 each. You can send out videos or photos on your parents social media if allowed, or send out to family and friends to get tickets sold. Winners don't need to be present, just a way to get them winnings like a Venmo account or address to send to. 

You need to sell at least half of the tickets, and if you sell out there are more we can get you. 

Each team is to do a team building day, so put on your uniforms and smiles and get to a public place like the front of a grocery store or anywhere that will have you and get tickets sold!

The prize for the top selling team and top selling player per age level will get a bonus with something fun like a pizza party, or a local gift card! Prizes to be announced later. 

Tickets will be handed out at next week's practices and start selling! You have until May 31 to get them sold! 

Please keep the stubs with the information in the envelopes your tickets came in, they will be collected several times during the next month. 

WRBA Sponsors

 Interested in becoming a sponsor of Wood River Baseball?  Contact Kati Freytag,

Sponsored by The Warfield Distillery and Brewery

The Warfield Distillery and Brewery

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Sponsored by Power Engineers

Power Engineers

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Power Engineers continues to support your local Wood River Baseball community!

Sponsored by The Covey

The Covey

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WRBA thanks The Covey for their support.